Q and A (NaPoWriMo day 8)

still playing catch up…


this thing you want me to figure out
I doubt
you dream about
but I imagine
nights long into dawn
knees hugged tight
to breasts
sheltering a heart so weak
shallow beats
glue drying still from the repairs
of last week
last month
last year
With elation and trepidation
(yes, fear)
I approach your request
for more
can’t be sure
so I must ask
“am I up to the task of love?”
“can I do this once again?”
… risk my smile
for your eyes on mine
risk my soul
my light
put this heart on the line
for what could be a might?
I know
you never gain a thing
without risk
no matter how great or small
sometimes we give it all
then fall
or falter
but rather
I’ve had the time
to figure out exactly what I want
in truth my heart’s desire
behind a mind that warns
“do not be blind”
when facing the revelation
that our ideals are the same
but that could change
how long will I blame my reflection
with its many imperfections
for a few instances of rejection
when I and everyone
can plainly see
how much I mean to you
and you to me
you bring sunshine
to my grayest days
warm my spirit
in a haze of tight embraces
and smiles on faces
lift me high
when I can’t see my own worth
become my earth
calm the fears
beneath the surface of my beaming face
wipe the tears away
make a place for me
in life
we are handed
not one guarantee
but if you place your hand in mine
take the time
days, hours, minutes, seconds
to keep me first
and quench my thirst
for truth
for love
for honesty
for connection—you and me
be my man
my king
my rock
my friend
my teacher
my coach
my boy
my muse
this ain’t a ruse
I got no excuse
to tell you no
so welcome to the show
I want you in my world
I’ll be your girl
the answer is

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