Who am I?
I’m a simple woman in a complex world. I laugh. I read. I sometimes talk a lot. Sometimes I’m all in my head. I’m a thinker. A list maker. A daughter. A sister. A mom. A loyal friend. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I’m passionate about books and film. I’m a storyteller, a poet, a writer. I look for the good in men and mankind. I love hard. I’m kind and thoughtful. I celebrate the small things first. I’m cute, some might say pretty, but sometimes I forget that. I’m gentle at times, quiet in my solitude. But I fight for those I love and what I believe in. I’m not perfect nor am I naive enough to expect you to be. I can be loud and I have a lot to say about almost everything. I’m no shrinking violet. I make the most of each moment I have because I know the next one is not guaranteed. My hair reflects my mood, I change color and style on a whim. I’ve been natural for over 13 years. I thrive on communication. I believe connection and commonality are our greatest equalizers.

Yellow Smirk

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  1. Thank you for following my blog!!


    1. More than welcome love!


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