Not (NaPoWriMo day 14)


when u/walked away/i could/not/believe u were gone
not here/not there/not anywhere
not when i/could/still sense u
in my bed/in my head
not/your presence/but your essence/not
while the clothes/hang/in my closet
but not/on your frame
not/while i cry/myself to sleep/not sleep
but restless nights/wrestling sheets/to fight
the pain/not love/of you not/being here
how could you/not/be in my life
when you remain/in my heart/not in my life
engraved/on my soul/a hole
flowing/through me/you/me
on the daily/covering/hovering above me/below me
not with me/around me/sounds
of a voice/like yours/not yours/not ours
ring in my ear/disappear/u will/not/disappear
u will/not/reappear/not/here
not touching/not kissing/not hugging
not/loving me
u will/not/leave me
u are/not/here/really
only because/i can/not/let u go/not yet
i rant/rave/scream/cry/moan
not smile/while lonliness/overwhelms me
like the tide/swelling/welling/not telling
me u love me/not/as the waves crest
and attack/the beach/where i lie/not lying
defeated/worn and/waiting/not waiting
waiting/not waiting
for u to/come back/home

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