Hair Apparent (NaPoWriMo day 9)


Never picture perfect
Tousled and uneven
Corkscrewed and curlicued
Shaggy or shorn

Painted purple
Or blatantly blonde
Tamed and twisted
Or let lioness loose

Tenuous tugs through the tangles
The texture is pleasure personified
The sheer weight of it commands attention
Presence. Power.

My crown is truly my glory
My light. My beauty.
My story.
Told in a multitude of ways and waves

The image is indelible

my thick, unruly, coarse mane

magnificent entity unto itself

unabashedly present




Today’s Hair.

image image image


Subzero temperatures kept me indoors today. So I cowashed and moisturized my follicles.

Afterwards I was at a loss for what to do with my clean and manageable hair so I decided to experiment with flat twisting the back of my ginormous head. I don’t know what I’m doing but it didn’t turn out too bad. I have no idea what the twist out will look like in the morning but I’m curiously proud of my first attempt ever to manipulate my hair into something other than my standard two strand twists!