Revisiting Truth



My truth:
I am a multitude of things both positive and not so.
I can be loud and harsh and whiny and petulant and stubborn and immature and petty and vindictive.
I don’t always wield my words wisely, I can be extremely lazy and a master procrastinator…
But I am not a liar or a bullshitter.
I don’t misrepresent myself nor use people to my own advantage. That doesn’t mean I never have.
I am not perfect. I am ever evolving.
I am seeking more in all my endeavors.
Greater good. Greater mind. Greater heart.
I try to be as genuine and upfront as possible.
I do not hoist expectations upon others that I am not willing to practice myself.
I believe in the goodness of people, the power of the universe, fairness, beauty and love.

Please do not waste my time painting grand canvases of whimsy with you as a starring player when you don’t have any intention of making that pretty picture the template for something real.

Miss me with the bullshit.

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