Desolation (NaPoWriMo day 3)

(All these years
All these tears
Why can’t I get this shit right?)

Desolation sound

Lying alone
The echo resonates
A consistent heartache
No relief in sight

I know there’s more beyond this now
But knowledge is no balm
I await nighttime and its calm
Even as my mattress
Holds me hostage

Weighed down by swirling thoughts
Recollection of words caught
Between lips that lie effortlessly
Of compliments to my personality
My body
My mind
Time after time after time

I am soothed by nothing
The darkness holds no wonder for me
It does not cradle me from harm
It does not cover me in adulation

The moon mocks me
When my most fervent dream
Is to be held in such esteem
That words would not be necessary

To be loved
To be loved
Yes, to be loved
In the desolate hours
Oh to be loved…

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