Writing for My Life

I am a procrastinator of the grandest sort. I can plot, plan, make lists, draw diagrams, all in the name of making sure I complete a task. Especially when it comes to my writing life.

I can write. I know this. I create fanciful stories in my head on a daily basis. I can regale folks with the intricacies of the inane things happening to me for hours on end, complete with witty sidebars and funny anecdotal endings. But ask me to put those same tales on paper? It all comes to a halt. Writing is the hardest part of writing. Otherwise, we’d all be Pulitzer Prize winning authors. I get so caught up in “how do I make this relatable” and “is everyone going to get what I’m trying to say” and “is it funny enough” when I’m trying to put a piece together that in the end, I just say “Whatever” and end up playing the Sims Free Play for hours at a time.

I ran across this writing challenge while pretending to tweet the other day. I figured why not use this as the catalyst for my laziness.

I’m hoping this works…


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