Three Hundred and Thirty Four Pounds of NO

So two days ago while at the National Air and Space Museum, I got on a scale that tells you how much you weigh on different places in space… Jupiter, the moon, somewhere else and Earth… I don’t recall how much I weighed anywhere else but here. 334 pounds. Yep. 334. In Earth pounds. I’m…

Throwback Thursday: Morning Creep

I am a believer in online dating. I was using the personals way back in the way back. Meeting folks in the City Paper… With NO PICTURES in the 90s! So I know my way around a blind date. And I’m pretty proficient in weeding out the “crazy” prior to it showing up on my…

Hair Apparent (NaPoWriMo day 9)

Never picture perfect Tousled and uneven Corkscrewed and curlicued Shaggy or shorn Painted purple Or blatantly blonde Tamed and twisted Or let lioness loose Tenuous tugs through the tangles The texture is pleasure personified The sheer weight of it commands attention Presence. Power. My crown is truly my glory My light. My beauty. My story….

Black Steel

Negros always trying to “sway” you instead of listening to you. I may look sweet and seem infinitely pliable… But I got a LOT of backbone.